360º assessment

To get the most out of employees, organisations need to know their strengths and weaknesses. And they need to place them in roles that maximise their value. 360° feedback and development helps you prepare the right people for the right roles and focus on the training and support they need to excel. Many studies have shown that well-orchestrated 360° programmes reap significant rewards for organisations and help improve or are predictive of performance.

Benefits include:

● A more engaged workforce
● Greater productivity
● Lower employee turnover
● Reduced recruitment costs
● Encourages employee ownership of career development
● A more open, collaborative culture

Ultimately the value of 360° programmes lies in their power to bring about changes in employee behaviour for competitive advantage. 

An In-Depth View of Performance and Potential

360° feedback and development helps you:

● Identify those with leadership potential and construct a succession planning strategy.
● Link individuals’ performance with business objectives, ensuring the right people are in place to implement future plans.
● Quickly identify and promote high performing employees before they leave the organisation.
● Improve employee motivation by directly engaging staff.

Application fields:

360° assessment is also widely use across other critical HR processes, including:

● Performance management
● Relationship management
● Team building
● Business restructuring
● Culture change
● Development needs analysis
● Skills audit 

User friendly on-line assessment

The whole process is done on-line. Focus person is being assessed by different independent assessors (direct supervisor, subordinate, peers, external clients) as well as themself. In this way you can have the whole picture (360 degree) of the candidate; it is a reflection of different peoples’ perceptions of candidates at a particular point in time. It does not represent some absolute, unchanging, all-consuming truth. Nevertheless, the detailed analysis permits can enable you to achieve new insights into candidate’s strengths, and also alert you to aspects of candidate’s behaviour which could be proving a hindrance to their success in both the short and longer term. Such increased awareness can, in turn, help you to maximise effectiveness of candidates and develop their full potential.

This is a fully outsourced solution. Candidates needs to furfill the questionaire and to look at the results. Everything alse (systhem set up, sending emails, reminders, generatiing reposrts etc) is done by Atria Group.

Practical outputs

Automatic report is being generated after the assessment. It is based on the analysis of responses to the Universal Competency Framework questionnaire. This report provides the candidate with detailed feedback on his skills, abilities, personal attributes and other job relevant characteristics, as seen from a number of different perspectives:

● specifically his own,
● his manager’s, and, if participating,
● this direct reports’, colleagues’ and ‘others’.

Using information from this report you have the ability to compare importancy ratings of employee and manager of each of the specific competencies, thereby highlighting the differences in perception of priorities and requirements. There is a separate section indicating the highest and lowest ratings which can be used to write concrete development objectives.

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