About Assessment Tools

To make the whole development process really effective it is necessary to first identify the strengths and areas for development of the company / team / individual and then use those results to form a development program. This is accomplished through input assessment which clearly defines the level of representation of those skills that we want to measure and possibly improve. Without this type of assessment our efforts may be misdirected because we don’t have a clear picture of where we are, and we find it hard to define development objectives and the steps that will empower us and make us efficient and effective at what we do. Only after we determine the current state, are we able to precisely define the development goals and determine the steps that lead us to the development of desired competencies and better work performance.

The assessment at the end of the entire development cycle is also very important because it gives us the opportunity to determine our progress after the program. Thanks to this kind of analysis and measurements we are able to define SMART goals and the right development strategy. They also enable us to adjust our actions to the growth and development that we want to achieve, and thereby accomplish the final result that is clearly visible and measurable.

Atria offers the following tools: