The Art and Science of Coaching in Serbia

From 16th to 19th of October 2014 the first module of “The Art and Science of Coaching” will be delivered in Belgrade. The participants will have the opportunity to learn today’s most effective coaching methodology in the world. The Art and Science of Coaching is Erickson International College program and this program is designed to allow you to achieve mastery in coaching. It’s ideal for leaders, managers and HR professionals who want to benefit from coaching techniques, developed and proven in practice.

For those who are interested to sign up until 12th of September we provided 10% discount.

At the end of this training, participants have the opportunity to be certified as a Erickson professional coaches and they can use coaching tools in daily practice, either as a coach or as an extra communication tool. With this training participants acquire the necessary number of training hours for the Accreditation of Professional Certified Coach (PCC) under the International Federation Coach (ICF). Experienced coaches and mentors, some of whom had several years of experience in this field,  point out that after only the first module they increase the efficiency of their work for a minimum of 40% and the duration of talks needed for reaching the goal of at least halved. Erikson coaching techniques, strategies and tools are fully focused on the goal, and are therefore very effective!


Erikson coaching methodology allows you to launch your creative potential, raise the level of working with clients to an art and have a clear picture of the scientific studies and practices on which it is based.


Structured approach to coaching and focus on the solution are great tools that will allow coaches, trainers and mentors to lead every conversation leading to a clear goal and tangible results. Coaching as a management style helps people to find greater job satisfaction, develop leadership potential and find more agreement between personal and corporate vision. Coaching applied in the field of business allows clearer understanding of business vision, boosts team spirit, inspires and enhances the enthusiasm of the staff.


Participants will have opportunity to use online services Erickson HUB and Steps to Success, programs that are designed to give you the knowledge and confidence to start thinking about your own coaching business. It is available for any participant who taking The Art and Science of Coaching program.

For more information and reservation please contact us at +381 11 3423 980, +381 60 029 0028 or via e-mail

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