How do you make your decisions?

Making right decisions in any organizational level is one of the essential elements of efficient business. To choose key indicators based on which we make decisions and evaluate them on time is a skill which gives additional value to our organization among all the others and creates key difference. (more…)

Trust – The key for creating good business relations

Trust is certainly one of the most important components in building relations in your company. When people believe you, they believe in what you say. This means you don’t have to defend and explain your attitude every time. Once you obtain people’s trust, they start appreciating your experience, judgment and will ask for your opinion. They will ask for your advice, and, therefore, spread your influence.  (more…)

From Sales Competency to Sales Fluency

What if you could walk into a negotiation or a sales presentation equipped with a better game plan? Getting the maximum out of any presentation involves truly connecting with a client or prospect, communicating with them on a level where both parties walk away feeling it’s a win-win.

Talking about things that are actually of interest to the client is a great way to start the process. Moving beyond sales competency to sales fluency (greater retention and proficient use of acquired skills) can be a key element in sealing the deal. New technology and software applications have made it easier in some respects to attain that fluency, but it starts with listening to the client and observing clues they are transmitting about their communication styles. Most salespeople like to discuss things that interest them about their product or service, not what their clients need to hear in order to make a buying decision because, in many cases, they just don’t know.  (more…)

Competency Is Not Enough. Go Beyond.

Take competency one step further by training for fluency, the ability to engage in interpersonal

In business, competency and fluency are far from synonymous. Competency is possession of knowledge of a particular task or subject matter. Fluency is the ongoing demonstration of expertise no matter how much time has passed since competency was first achieved.  (more…)

A Few Questions to Ask Yourself if You’re Interested in Coach Training

Selecting a coach training program can be confusing. There are hundreds of boutique coaching programs, educational institutions and virtual organizations that offer coach training and certification. The learning curriculum ranges vastly and many programs use their home-grown theories, models, methodology, tools and exercises to support coaches who will then be able to use this material to support clients. (more…)

7 ways to become a better coach

First you were inspired and trained to become a coach. Then you began doing what it takes to create a sustainable, successful business. Now what?

Well my friends, the learning never ends. It’s easy to become complacent after coaching for awhile, and becoming too comfortable with yourself and your skills is a slippery slope to be avoided! (more…)

Employee development – Why is it important?

Over the past few years, investment in employee development is in the rapid growth and the companies are willing to give out more money for their employees. Last year, for the development of their employees, global companies gave more than $130 billion. This is evidence, that a large salaries and bonuses at the end of the year can not maintain quality of work, motivation and productivity of employees. (more…)

Professional Presentation Live (PPL) – How it was created

Program Professional Presentation Live (PPL) was created by the cooperation of János Serényi and Barnabás Takacs. Last 20 years Dr. János Serényi working on improving development programs and corporate training, and he is the founder of PPL program, while Dr. Barnabás Takacs has a significant career in the field of computer science and was CEO of many high profile start up IT company, and he is the founder of the technical PPL. Since they are both very experienced in their field, they have managed to combine training and modern technology into one, the Professional Presentation Live. (more…)