Presentation Skills – 6 Beginner Mistakes

Top presentation skills are not something you are born with, presentation skills are improving by exercise as anything else. Person that are not professional public speakers and people which didn’t try to improve their presentation skills, often make mistakes when they present, and they are not even aware of it. These are 6 most common mistakes made by beginners while they present. (more…)

Professional Presentation Live (PPL) -Three Success Stories

It’s not enough to be a good presenter. It’s not enough to prepare a good content for the presentation. We have to know the special expectations, the personal preferences of the person, who has to be influenced, convinced during our presentation.We have to fit many details of our lecture to these details.

1.Discover the Presentational Style That is Right for You (more…)

Top 5 words to delete from your vocabulary

In this article we explore how language and self talk impact our ability to motivate ourselves, achieve at high levels and live the life we deserve. We also look at 5 popular dis-empowering words and phrases and replace them with empowering words and phrases to support motivation, success, love, gratitude and achievement. (more…)

9 Keys to Overcoming Difficult Times

Lately I’ve had to deal with a lot of changes happening in my personal life. At first, describing them to my friends, I kept calling them endings, but afterwards I began to feel as if it was a process of renewal. There is a Chinese saying that goes ‘if the old doesn’t go, the new cannot come’. Keeping that in mind, I’ve begun to view these difficult events as a shedding of things for me to grow forward, and so I’ve come to call them ‘changes’ instead of ‘endings’.


Coaching Sales Techniques: Be Emotional

You may have heard this one before: People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care. It’s so true! People don’t remember what you say; they remember how you make them feel. Before you try to influence someone, you have to lay a foundation of caring. (more…)

4 Ways we Sabotage Ourselves – part 2

After the first part of the text 4 Ways we Sabotage Ourselves about concept of gremlins in coaching terms, we continue the theme of fears that can sabotage us in everyday life.

We are all familiar with fear of dreaming and fear of failure. Besides these gremlins, Marilyn Atkinson, one of the most famous coaches in the world, specifies two more fears which can lead to blockages when we want to go forward in our career or personal life. (more…)

Are you ready?

Have you ever heard yourself say “I am not ready”? I am not ready to integrate my coaching skills into my career, I am not ready to “go public” with being a coach, I am not ready to ask for a raise, I am not ready to charge for my services, I am not ready for a career change etc. I often here this phrase when I am mentoring coaches to take the next step in building their businesses. When we are on the path to realizing a dream, we never fully feel ‘ready’. If you felt ready, then it would be time to do the next thing that would require growth and then you would be back to not feeling ready.