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From this year, you have an unique opportunity to get certified in Persona Global premium programs in Prague. Persona Global is an international provider of several top-notch training, assessments, and simulations for leadership and organizational development. Now, you are able to get certified for Persona Global through an international consulting company, Atria Group International.

Discover PCM in Prague!

3-4th December 2018 in Prague – Time and place where Atria Group offers you the unique opportunity to discover PCM (Process Communication Model) in Prague. “Discover PCM” is a basic PCM training after which you will be able to attend advanced PCM training courses (PCM Coach and PCM Trainer).

Neuroscience of Engagement by Amy Brann in Prague

Training “Neuroscience of engagement” will be held on 5. 4. 2017 for the first time in the Czech Republic. The aim of this training is to help managers understand the deep structure of the motivation of team members and find a way to work with them to influence their behavior and way of thinking so they can achieve productivity growth and decrease fluctuation in the company. While the company’s growth is achieved through the joint efforts of all employees, work of an individual depends on his/her motivation and perception of what is happening around. If you learn how our brain works, you will learn how to increase involvement, commitment and proactive approach of the whole team.


Training PCM Coach in Prague

For the first time in Czech Republic Atria Group Company is organizing the PCM® Coach training. Training is intended for professional coaches and managers that are eager to improve their coaching skills and raise coaching quality to a whole new level. The training starts on October 30th2015.

PCM Coach in Lisabon

For the first time in Lisabon organized by the Atria Group Company, the PCM® Coach training will be held, intended for professional coaches and managers that are eager to improve their coaching skills and raise coaching quality to a whole new level.

Dušan Basalo at the Summit100 Business Leaders of Southeast Europe

The Summit100 Business Leaders of Southeast Europe, organized by h the The Managers’ Association of Slovenia, The Managers’ Association of Serbia, Croatian Employers’ Association was held in Sarajevo on 27th and 28th of May.  The main topics of this year’s Summit100 were improving regional cooperation through the identification of potential in the field of branding the region, tourism, infrastructure, transport, logistics, food, drink, ICT services and energy.

One of the topics that was specifically discussed at the panel  called “New energy, inspiration and innovation”. It was about young entrepreneurs and the state’s responsibility to provide the conditions for their faster progress, as well as the entrepreneurs’ own responsibility of their success. One of the panelists, Dušan Basalo, Senior Partner of the Atria Group, has emphasized that each generation has its own habits and principles of work, and that among them there are those that are hardworking, but also those who are not. He also said that there is too much noise about the “millennial generation” and its diversity compared to the previous generations. Also, according to Dušan’s words, young entrepreneurs are personally responsible for their own success and they need to be proactive, and one of the key factors for the success is informal education that can not be left out.


Samit100 brought together business leaders from South-Eastern Europe and its various industries. Discussions, panels and lectures during these two days have shown that the world is evolving at an incredibly fast way, and that this development will only accelerate, not slow down. The fact important for our company was  that all the speakers and panelists mentioned as a key factor in this development  – leadership. For this reason, the panel on which we took part was very well visited, interactive and showed interest, by both participants and the media.

The Summit brought out information that in the next 5 years every 3rd company in the United States will disappear because of the changes that are extremely fast. They will be replaced by new companies whose leaders will be able to respond to new challenges and changes. The situation is similar in Europe, where Atria Group has offices and where implement activities. Thus, the development of leadership will very likely be a key issue in the years to come.


Dušan Basalo,
Senior Partner Atria Group


The Summit100 2016 has brought together business and political leaders from Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro. TheSummit100  has provided participants opportunity to discuss issues of promoting regional cooperation and economics growth of the Western Balkans.

NLP Basics

For the first time, NLP Center is organizing training NLP Basics in Prague. The training begins on 14th of October and last for two days. It takes place in company Atria Group, Faradayova 44, Prague 10.

We are focused on using NLP tools in the process of behavior change, achieving personal and professional goals and improvement of communication.