Team coaching with Marilyn Atkinson in Prague

The 4-day training called „High Performance Team Coaching“ will be held in Prague in November 20 – 23rd, 2017 and will take place in the Czech Republic for the first time. The training will be presented by Marilyn Atkinson and is intended primarily for coaches, managers, and leaders.


Do you want to learn how to transform a group of individuals into achievement oriented high performance teams? The methodology of “High Performance Team Coaching” builds enhanced creativity skills and strategic thinking group processes. The structure and principles of this program foster innovation. Participants learn how to develop an energetic team-thinking environment in which innovative solutions become a consistent pattern. Effective collaboration is the primary currency of a 21st-century organization.
The first day of training will be led by Ing. Halka Baláčková, MBA, PCC. She will focus on an introduction to team coaching and examples of the use of team coaching in practice.

Program Focus:

• Creating team alignment and trust
• Visual group decision-making tools
• Team facilitation and accountability
• Whiteboard coaching
• Leveraging your team charter, mission, and vision

Also includes:

• ICF CCE credits (14hrs)
• Erickson Team Coach Certificate
• Global availability


Training ,,High Performance Team Coaching” costs 1.100 € excluding VAT.

10 % off in the case of signing before the end of August
30 % off for students (under 26) and for retired (over 65)
10 % off for the “Art & Science of Coaching” training graduates
Special price for more participants. Come with your colleagues or friends.


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“Vrhunski komunikator“ je jako zanimljiv trening, koristan je i primenjiv kako u komunikaciji sa kolegama tako i sa ljudima van posla. Ono što mi se posebno dopalo je to da smo se upoznali sa sopstvenim komunikacijskim stilom, ali i slikom koju drugi imaju o nama. To nam pokazuje na čemu treba da radimo.Bojana Jotić (Grading)
Uz pomoć treninga uspeo sam da shvatim drugačiju dimenziju u komunikaciji. Vežbe, demonstracija i praktični rad su učinili da trening bude odličan.Srđan Folić (Crnogorski Telekom)
Veoma dobar trening i mislim da će mi mnogo pomoći u budućim spornim komunikacijama sa kolegama na poslu.Vladmir Filipović (Vip mobile)

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CEB | SHL Talent Measurement Training – The Accredited PAA Training in Serbia

No service provider knows more than CEB | SHL Talent Measurement about supporting organizationsin finding and developing the right talent for success. Our courses are attended by more than 8,000 delegates a year across more than 50 countries.

The second accredited PAA training in Serbia, organized by Atria Group, will be held from 25th to 27th April at Atria Group premises at the following address Kisela Voda 20, Zvezdara, Belgrade.


The Art and Science of Coaching in Serbia

From 16th to 19th of October 2014 the first module of “The Art and Science of Coaching” will be delivered in Belgrade. The participants will have the opportunity to learn today’s most effective coaching methodology in the world. The Art and Science of Coaching is Erickson International College program and this program is designed to allow you to achieve mastery in coaching. It’s ideal for leaders, managers and HR professionals who want to benefit from coaching techniques, developed and proven in practice. (more…)

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