CCSQ – Customer contact style questionnaire

The Customer Contact Styles Questionnaire (CCSQ) is a work styles assessment for entry-level sales, call centre or client services staff, helping you make better selection and development decisions. The CCSQ is a powerful, complementary tool to ability testing and a structured interview.


● Increases the probability that you select the right people.
● Reduces your costs by making the entire hiring process more efficient.
● Identifies hidden reasons for weak performance.
● Allows you to plan a more customized and effective development strategy.

CCSQ predicts key aspects of job performance

● Relating to customers
● Persuading and negotiating
● Working with others
● Problem solving
● Being well organized
● Being reliable
● Being resilient
● Achieving results
● Using initiative

How does it work?

It takes approx 30 minutes to complete 128 questions. A number of report outputs are available for trained and untrained users.

Available reports

● The Manager Report – New! This report is designed for the line manager. Using competency based language for easy interpretation the report is split into three sections; Executive Summary, Customer Contact Competencies and Competency Definitions.
● The Personal Report The Personal Report provides CCSQ feedback for the individual/candidate in a brief summary format.
● The Interview Guide The CCSQ interview guide is structured around the 16 Customer Contact competencies for selection purposes. It can be used by line managers or SHL trained users who require a tool to help guide the interview process in recruiting client facing and support roles.
● The Profile The profile is the graphical output of the CCSQ. It is designed for SHL trained users only and has recently been redesigned to look more like the Occupational Personality Questionnaire profile, making it easier for you to interpret.

CCSQ in action

The Krispy Kreme HR team was under pressure to identify new staff who could work within a changing environment whilst maintaining the company’s standards in delivering consistent quality service across all stores. After partnering with SHL, Krispy Kreme estimates that psychometric assessment has reduced the rate of unsuccessful hires by 50 per cent and management attrition is now under 10 per cent (full case study available on request).

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