SHL Talent Measurement

SHL Talent Measurement is a global leader in providing talent measurement assessments, by offering comprehensive and detailed perspective into various possibilities in the area of contemporary HRM – from recruitment to succession planning.

These solutions include proven science-based assessment; on-line support and consultancy services that help organizations assess, select and develop the right people for the right roles.


1. Talent Acquisition
 Volume Recruitment
 College Recruitment
 Manager/Professional Selection

2. Talent Mobility
 Talent Audit
 Employee Development
 Succession Planning

3. Products – SHL Talent Measurement Assessments: Increase Revenue, Productivity and Retention. Assessment types:
 Knowledge and Skills
 Performance and Development
 Job and Company Fit
 Customized Solutions

SHL Offers an Unrivalled Global Footprint Combined with Local Presence

SHL Talent Measurement deliver their solutions in more countries and languages than any provider in the industry.


● 30M+ assessments annually in 30+ languages to clients in more than 110 countries
● Most comprehensive portfolio of 1,000+ assessment solutions
● Global team of 300+ industrial-organisational psychologists
● 24/5 global customer service center with country-specific free phone numbers
● Global partner and distributor network
● Clients include: >50% of Global Fortune 500, >80% of Financial Times Stock Exchange (FTSE), and >50% of Australian Stock Exchange (ASX)