CEB | SHL Talent Measurement Training – The Accredited PAA Training in Serbia

No service provider knows more than CEB | SHL Talent Measurement about supporting organizationsin finding and developing the right talent for success. Our courses are attended by more than 8,000 delegates a year across more than 50 countries.

The second accredited PAA training in Serbia, organized by Atria Group, will be held from 25th to 27th April at Atria Group premises at the following address Kisela Voda 20, Zvezdara, Belgrade.

About training

PAA is an intensive training course for the use of ability tests and personality assessments. It is a   comprehensive training course which includes the whole process from selection of an appropriate test to administration, scoring and providing feedback information about the test results. The training will include themes such as selection, development, identification of leaders and team building by combining theory and practical application of CEB SHL assessment tools through a number of practical case studies.

Who is training for?

This training course is ideal for HR professionals, recruiters, training and management development specialists who wish to use ability tests and personality questionnaires to help in the selection, management and development of employees in their companies.

About certificates – Become eligible
for international recognized Certificates


PAA training enables certification to internationally recognized standards in Occupational Testing, such as British Psychological Society (BPS) level A or level B Registered Test User in the UK or European Federation of Psychological Association ( EFPA ) standards.

Reduce cost, lower employee turnover
and improve organizational performance

The training uses a combination of individual and group practical exercises as well as formally assessed elements. This ensures delegates are given a strong theoretical grounding in psychometric testing and the practical skills to use assessments confidently in their job. Used effectively, the assessment tools taught on our courses lead to client benefits such as increased revenues, lower costs, greater efficiencies and more effective leadership.

PAA training allows you to:

• Become virtually self-sufficient in delivery of our assessments
• Objectively measure employee or candidate ability
• Assess personality and the potential impact on performance
• Ensure a fair and lawful selection process
• Relate assessment to competencies

Ensure right decisions about employees 

CEB SHL Talent Measurement’s market leading assessment tools support smart people decisions throughout the employment lifecycle.

• In recruitment, as part of a job solution, to sift thousands of candidates
• In selection, to identify candidates most likely to succeed in a role
• In team building, to improve team performance
• In development, to identify strengths and development needs
• In succession, to identify and develop future leaders
• During transitions, as an input into redeployment and restructuring




SHL in more than 110 countries

More than 6,000 satisfied customers in over 110 countries worldwide.


 30M+ assessments annually

SHL provides more than 30 million assessments in more than 30 languages per year.


1,000+ assessment solutions

SHL has a portfolio of more than 1,000 solutions for assessment employees/candidates


Proven expertise

SHL tools are based on more than 30 years of research, innovation and expertise.


CEB | SHL Talent Measurement Solutions is worlds biggest service providers in the area of psychometric assessment. No service provider knows more than us about helping organizations find and develop the right talent for success. Our courses are delivered by experienced HR practitioners and attended by over 8,000 delegates a year across 50 countries. Licensed SHL representative for Serbia is company Atria Group.

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