Communication Style Assessment

Assessment tool for evaluating communication styles (Communication Style Assessment) is a product of company Persona Global which is developed with the aim to help leaders, managers, team-leaders and team members to understand each other better through this model. It‘s use can also be valuable in raising team spirit and recognizing strengths and weaknesses of individuals and teams, communicating more efficiently with clients and building long term relationships.

Assessment is organized in a way that by using on-line software of Persona Global examines are completing 3 surveys: 

● Gameplan Survey – survey completed by examines in order to describe communication style of the coworker they want to improve communication with
● Self Perception Survey – survey in which examines describe their own communication style
● Select Respondent – examines send survey on 3-15 email addresses (optionally 5), to persons from their work environment, to assess their communication style

Whole process is done fast and simple (maximum length of completing survey is 20 minutes per participant). Each participant get an e-mail with detailed instructions for completing the survey. Based on survey results, individual and team reports are created.


Individual report contains 3 documents:

 Personal assessment of communication style
 Assessment from the side of coworkers
 Compared overview of styles and recommendation, action plan for improving communication with “difficult person”

Team report contains overview into communication styles of each team member and overview of empathy and flexibility level feedback (basic competencies for team building) for whole team.


This tool is base assessment for Persona Global Persuasive communicator serial training:
  Persuasive communicator
  Persuasive salesman
  Persuasive negotiator
  Selling to key accounts
  Manager as a mentor
 Building effective teams