Competency based interview

This course is ideal for HR specialists and experienced line managers who need to gain practical experience of how to apply Competency Based Interviewing (CBI) effectively in their organisations, or senior executives involved in the final stages of the selection process who are looking to enhance their skills.

This highly practical course provides all the necessary knowledge and skills to enable interviewers to gather behaviour-based evidence of performance against competencies. Enables accurate and objective selection of the right candidates for the right roles, whether used at interviews for recruitment or development. Through the use of practical simulations and exercises, delegates are shown how to conduct an interview using their own organisational competencies or to apply SHLs rigorous Universal Competency Framework.

At the end of the course, delegates will be able to:

● Understand and apply best practice in competency based interviewing
● Improve their existing interviewing skills
● Make accurate, informed and objective assessments by applying clearly defined selection criteria using SHL’s universal competency framework, or your own organizational competencies
● Prepare and conduct a structured, focused, comprehensive and fair competency based interview
●Evaluate and use objective behavioural evidence from the interview to make selection recommendations or decisions


1. Preparation

● Universal competency model
● Understanding and practical use
● Job analysis – the base for competency model
● Identifying competencies for interview

2. Conducting the CBI

● Interview structure
● ORCE methodology (Observe, Record Classify & Evaluate) and objective assessment

3. Skills of a good interviewer

● Inappropriate interview questions
● Asking right questions
● Typical mistakes that interviewers make

4. Interview summary and evaluation

● Evaluation of responses and candidate assessment
● Completing the interview documentation
● Tools that can be used to enhance the objectivity of the assessment

5.  Role play

● CBI Simulation

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