Dependability and safety instrument – DSI

The annual cost of absenteeism to UK businesses is estimated by the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) at £13.2bn (CBI Absence Survey – May 2008).

The CBI also estimates that indirect costs, such as lower customer satisfaction add a further £6.7bn to the total, raising the overall cost of absenteeism to £19.9bn (CBI Absence Survey – May 2008). 

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) estimates the cost to UK Business of work related accidents at £3.9 billion – £7.8 billion, with over 32 million working days lost on an annual basis. What’s more, it is estimated that approximately 70% of accident causation in industrial environments can be attributed to human factors (HSE – Key Statistics 2007/08).

The Dependability and Safety Instrument (DSI) is designed to be used at the start of your normal recruitment process to identify those applicants who are more likely to have good attendance records, be effective and positive team members, and be more safety conscious.

It is designed to measure the likelihood that a candidate will:

● Arrive on time
● Return from breaks on time
● Take safety seriously
● Check their work thoroughly
● Handle stressful situations well
● Handle conflict effectively
● Keep an even temper
● Be confident in his/her own abilities
● Be motivated to do well on the job

Designed as a pre-screening tool for many key roles it is particularly suited to front-line customer facing and operational roles. It has been validated in the following sectors:

● Retail
● Transport
● Industry
● Hospitality
● Production

How does it work?

The questionnaire has been designed so that Line Managers can administer, score and interpret this tool with minimal or no support. The test itself contains 18 pairs of work-related statements. Candidates are asked to select from two statements the one that is most like them at work.

Simple output

The output score indicates the likelihood that a candidate will be a safe, reliable and productive employee on a scale of “Very high risk” to “Low risk”.

Key information:

● DSI is quick and easy to interpret.
● There is just one single score output.
● No formal training required, making it ideal for use by line managers.
● It takes just 5 minutes to complete.
● It is available online or via Paper and Pencil and can even be administered over the telephone.

Screened against the competencies set out by Vodafone UK, high scoring participants were three times more likely to be client focused; over ten times more likely to comply with company policies and procedures; and four times more likely to cope with pressure and be reliable.

By using DSI as part of their recruitment process Qantas are able to have a more holistic approach to identifying those applicants, for the apprentice aircraft maintenance engineer role, who are most likely to be reliable and safety conscious in the workplace. Going forward, Qantas will implement this new tool as part of a larger initiative to help reduce workplace accidents and time lost on injuries.

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