Emotional Capability Profile (ECP)

The Emotional Capability Profile (ECP) is a 360 assessment tool which is used for determining level of person’s Emotional inteligence competence.  Based on the perception of self and others, it is a way of giving feedback to individuals about their use of those skills that are widely held to be associated with demonstrating emotional intelligence at work. People are finding that this profile provides practical insights into the skills associated with managing one’s own emotions and actions, and in developing sustained and appropriate relationships with others.


The Emotional Capability Profile (ECP) has been used to assist leaders to enhance their leadership skills either as part of a leadership development program or an organizational culture change program. It has also been very effective as a basis for coaching leaders on a one-to-one basis. The ECP has also been used very effectively with team members of client organisations, especially when linked to team building. The instrument is universally relevant across a wide range of organisational types such as public sector, public utilities, non-profit organisations and the commercial sector, where it is applicable to a wide range of positions. The ECP enables analysis of organisational effectiveness and provides benchmark and trend data over time indicating the progress of organisational development interventions.


ECP can be used effectively:

 As part of an Introductory program to help new people understand their entry level of competency linked to the organisation’s competencies.
 As a core development opportunity for all leaders and potential leaders.
 As a longitudinal development tool by repetition of the Profile after 9-12 months to measure development (and the RoI of interventions).
 As an objective basis for remedial coaching e.g. where an individual is technically proficient but has less than effective self-management and interpersonal skills.
 As a diagnostic tool to support team building and the development of group emotional intelligence (as opposed to a group of emotionally capable people) or as the basis of individual coaching for development or career planning.