Emotional Capability for Leaders

“Emotional inteligence is ability to manage successfully ourselves and relations with others.” – Daniel Goleman

Emotional Capability for Leaders is a two day training programe of Persona Global, created with the aim to help participants:

  • Understand importance of EI in business enviornment
  • Get insight into their own strenghts and areas of development in area of EI
  • Learn how to improve some of EI competencies

Leader’s ability to recognize emotions in the moment he is experiencing them and to understand the bacgkround of these emotions, what influneced them, aweareness of the influence these emotions have on performance, relations and results, realistic overview of personal strenghts and weaknesses, openess for direct feedback and ability to learn from negative experiences, are skills that make difference between extraordinary and regular leaders.

Developing competencies of EI influences developing skills of personal and business effectiveness and ability of managing relationships with team members and co-workers.

In order to learn his employees to adopt to changes and overcome obstacles, it is important for a leader to work on enhancing these skills internally, with himself. Taking control and responsibility of his own thoughts and activities, decision making, detecting development fields, requestioning priorities, are only some of elements which will help in gaining more successful results of leader himself and those of his team members.

Based on theoretical segment and various interactive workshops, this training is working on enhancing these specific aspects, and most importantly teaches participants how to implement this theory into their everyday business activities.

This program has two phases:

Before the training participants complete assessment The Emotional Capability Profile (ECP). This assessment provides them with the practical insight into their own range of EI skills. Besides it’s use for this training, the report could also be used as a very effective tool for developing leaders through individual 1-1 process – coaching.

Subject covered on this training are:

  • Emotional competence factors:
    • Self-awareness
    • Self-regulation
    • Self-motivation
    • Social awareness
    • Social skills
    • Direct link between leadership and EI
    • Managing emotions with the purpose of adequate leading people
    • Practical use of EI in everyday work enviornment
    • Growth spiral – overcoming obstacles in the process of acheiving a goal

Participant of this training will:

  • Understand basic concept of leadership development perceived through the prism of EI
  • Gain long term developing tool which enables re-assessment after 9-12 months in order to determine improvement
  • Gain concrete assessment for individual coaching – when a person is high professional, but not effective enough in terms of managing his own emotions and interpersonal relationships

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