Employee development – Why is it important?

Over the past few years, investment in employee development is in the rapid growth and the companies are willing to give out more money for their employees. Last year, for the development of their employees, global companies gave more than $130 billion. This is evidence, that a large salaries and bonuses at the end of the year can not maintain quality of work, motivation and productivity of employees.


To track changes in the market and new ways of doing business, it is essential for companies to educate their employees in order to adapt the current situation on market and to employees acquire the necessary business skills that will help them to build their careers. One of the key desires of the employee, is desire for progress. If this desire matches with the desire of the company and company invest in developing the employee, company will get happy and motivated employee. Also, in this way, companies are showing concern about their employee and the employee will create sense of loyalty to the company. Loyal employees will be more motivated to work, and therefore will be more productive. Employee development -> Loyalty -> Increased motivation -> Increased productivity = More $



There are more and more employees who do not have a sense of loyalty to the company and they leave them and continues their career somewhere else. Is that the fault of the companies or the employee? It used to be enough to give a higher salary and big bonuses, to “buy” their loyalty. Today, it is not enough, because there is always another company that will offer more. Investing in employee development and caring about their desires to acquire new business skills, are seen as one of the important factors that affect to employee loyalty. If the company does not care about the wishes of their employees and if they do not invest in them, employees don’t have the opportunity to grow and develop their business skills, and they feel that they don’t moving forward. The company is the one that should try everything to keep their employees.

Increased motivation

Today, it is difficult to motivate employees. If they do not have the opportunity to gain new business skills, simply, when they applying everything they know at work, they will “burn out” and  feel that they are unproductive. A sense of loyalty is lost and the desire to advance will take them to another place.

Increased productivity 

The main goal of any company is the largest possible profit. The employees are the ones who bring profit to the company and if the employees are more productive, the profit is larger. In the end, it’s all about money. The more money a company invest in its employees, will have more return on investment.

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