Erickson College

Since 1980 Erickson College International is the worldwide renowned educational center which provides its participants professional training programs in coaching and human resources. Erickson International College is one of the largest coaching company in the world, providing professional programs in coaching and human development across the world that meet “Gold standard” of the world’s largest coaching associations – ICF.

Erickson College is dedicated to the expansion of key technology of coaching and business leadership. Under the direction of Marilyn Atkinson, Erickson’s team has developed a wide range of innovative technologies, solutions and programs with the aim of defining paradigm of 21st century in the field of business coaching, leadership development and innovation. Our international programs cover the areas of advanced human dynamics, rapid learning, organizational development, development of coaching and creativity.

Training centers of Erickson International College are located throughout North America, China, Great Britain, Scandinavia, the Czech Republic, Poland, Russia, Turkey and Serbia. The headquarters of Erickson College is located in British Columbia on the west coast of Canada, in beautiful Vancouver.

Erickson College Methodology

What is the essence of efficiency of Erickson Coaching training?
● Erickson College uses an original and protected methodology.
● Includes a basic understanding of our neurological system.
● Implements new scientific knowledge related to the process of increasing motivation and commitment to the vision.
● It includes participants in a “hands-on” training and suppport them to create their own experience.
● Platform of work includes exercises and specialization outside of the training itself.
● Focus is on skills of coaching dialogue to the extent that their application will bring measurable results.
● As a result of building self-esteem side effect of an easy solving of the most demanding conversational challenges.
● Erickson coaching methodology guarantees that the coach will be skilled enough to assist clients to achieve their best results, during 30-minute session.

Erickson College Standards

Erickson College programs are accredited by the world’s largest coaching association ICF (International Coach Federation). The most famous program of Erickson College for education of professional coaches is training “The Art and Science of Coaching” which is currently running in more than 25 countries worldwide. This program meets the “gold standard” of ICF and since October 2009 this program is carried out in Serbia.

What is the gold standard in coaching?

The gold standard of ICF (International Coach Federation) is a mark that guarantees that specific coaching training meets the highest international standards of coaching. This means that it meets absolutely and without the slightest deviation 2 groups of standards: ICF code of ethics and professional standards Coaching competencies defined by the ICF. Certificate of Erickson Certified Professional Coach includes gold seal of ICF.

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