Innovative decision making

Decision making is one of most common task of business people at all levels within the organization. Each decision can have a significant impact on the entire organization, its performance and results.

About training

“Innovative decision making“ is Persona Global’s two day training program which addresses the universal need of business people: how to make the best decision. Focus of the program is on development and improvement of creativity of participants and provides a practical set of tools for improving overall creativity in decision-making. IDM’s ultimate goal is to empower each individual with a greater creative capacity, at each step of the decision-making process. The result is a far more powerful approach to decision making optimization.

The IDM training methodology has two phases:

In the first phase participants answer a questionnaire designed by dr. Donald Shepherd which measures the level of creativity and effectiveness in decision making process. Based on their feedback reports, participants identify in which fields they could improve their creative capacities, and select a number of new tools and techniques which will help them become better decision makers. In this program we analyse individual tendencies of the participants in four key areas of creativity:

  • Information Openness – Our mental and psychological openess to explore various data sources. Readiness to accept and work with information from different sources. Ability to delay the evaluation.
  • Brain Holism – Our level of balance between creativity and logic. Ability to use creativity and logic depending on the context.
  • Uncertainty Coping – Our capacity to handle ambiguity in a decision situation. Ability and willingness to continue with the process, despite a lack of information.
  • Risk acceptance – Our willingness to take action in the face of possible cost. After the individual assessment of key abilities important for effective decision making, participants are provided with suggestions for improvement of identified development areas.


During the second phase of the program participants adopt four-step process of decision making as well as application of personal creative potential. Decision making model includes following steps:

  • Identify– What are we making decision about? Duration of this phase can differ from case to case (can be very short for simple problems, while bigger decisions could demand longer problem identification and prudent information gathering.
  • Search – Is there any alternative solution? Often, solutions are obvious and very little effort is needed for their design. In other cases, search for effective solution requires much more mental energy.
  • Evaluate – This phase includes comparison of alternatives and the values ​​that each of them brings.
  • Select – Phase of committing to one of the alternatives. 


The quality of each stage in the process contributes to the final quality and effectiveness in decision making. Time spent in each phase depends on the nature of the decision, its importance, context and habits that we have developed and implemented in situations of decision-making.

During this training, participants work through the case studies, learn about different situations and different approaches to the problems and learn how to use tools and techniques that will lead to successful outcomes in making similar business decisions.

Since the program focuses on developing a personal style in the decision-making process, this training provides an action based on  which training participants learn how to aplly aspects of their creative potential.

 This program has shown as very effective in the following areas:

• Talent management
• Innovation processes
• Employee and management development
• Strategic changes
• Coaching

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