Internal Entrepreneurship

Too few organizations are actively recruiting individuals who have the entrepreneurial capabilities that are needed to re-energize their business. The fact is that growth in many large companies has stalled. Individuals who have the skills and capabilities to lead new growth initiatives are left sitting on their hands. This program helps leaders to re-energize the entrepreneur in them-selves and align it with team and corporate goals. The goal of the program is to awake the entrepreneurial talent of the leaders in order to shake things up and get things moving.

The program covers following topics:

  • Support leaders to improve personal influence through building independent thinkers skill, willingness to try new things and  approaches, seeing possibilities where others don’t.
  • Support leaders to create experience at navigating uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity, instead of sitting back and waiting for things to become clear. Create an experience of taking control over uncertainty by acting.
  • Forming of ideas and pushing them through team work and taking individual responsibility for end result.
  • Taking the responsibility for improvement of products or business processes.
  • Support leaders to create an experience of increasing engagement and energizing by a challenge.
  • How to find creative ways to leverage limited resource –  lead through complexity.
  • How to build a discipline, stay focused and bring things to closure. Close the gap between strategy and execution.
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