Leadership Equity Assessment

Leadership Equity Assessment measures and analyzes organizational climate and employee commitment in a team/sector/ organization very easily and effectively. The results clearly show which areas should be improved in order to have a direct positive impact on business results. The advantage of the LEA tool is that it allows the key points of development of the team/sector/organization to be clearly seen so that development activities can focus on those areas (training, coaching, consulting, etc.).


LEA (Leadership Equity Assessment) is a tool which is based on a comprehensive and extensive research on management and leadership practices conducted by the Gallup Company, and also by the company Persona Global during the last year. The surveys were conducted in a number of international companies. Real examples and business situations were used. Research has shown that managers who create excellent long term business results excel in the 13 LEA leadership competencies, compared to average managers. The 13 leadership areas all relate to the manager’s active role in being responsible for employees’ productive working conditions. LEA analyses and measures the performance of manager as an individual, his/her team, as well as and the performance of the organization as a whole. LEA’s 13 key areas are:

  1. Use of strengths and competencies
  2. Use of feedback
  3. Workplace expectations
  4. Necessary resources for work
  5. Autonomy at work
  6. The purpose and importance of work for the individual
  7. Training on the job
  8. An atmosphere of inspiration and innovation
  9. Opportunities for personal development at work
  10. Opportunity for applying new skills and competencies in the workplace
  11. An atmosphere of respect
  12. Support of the decisions made
  13. Mutual support and help.

LEA tool can also be used for measuring the effects of development activities. For example, it is possible to carry out the LEA assessment within the team and then determine which areas need development. After the implementation of development activities, LEA assessment should be repeated. It will clearly show (through numerical values ) the influence and impact of the development activities (are they adequate, whether they need adjustment, and so on). In this way, through a focused definition of development needs and activities, the company saves money compared to the situation where development activities are carried out unfocused, without a clear picture of what the most important improvement is.

The LEA assessment questionnaires can be completed online by managers and team members.

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