Leadership Simulation – Wallbreakers

How often do leaders and managers in companies have the opportunity to practice before joining the process of implementing significant changes? In sports, a professional approach involves preparing and improving the training room before a real match is played. During such training we try to leave behind all significant mistakes and misunderstandings. In most organizations, this type of preparation is happening rarely or never. There are no test matches or training before the beginning of the game. For this reason a lot of unnecessary errors occur during an important game in the organization.

Simulations are offering us a “training and preparation environment” in which participants can try different approaches and choose the one that best contributes to team coherence and efficiency.

Why is the WallBreakers simulation unique?

WallBreakers is a leadership simulation that addresses a number of core leadership competencies – from managing change to improving team performance and team engagement. WallBreakers is a simulation that gives managers and leaders a secure environment in which they can go through the process of change management and experience the consequences of various management decisions in an organization.

How does the WallBreakers simulation work?

Wallbreakers uses the dynamics of the game, with the entire program being built around a particular case study with which participants are introduced at the very beginning of the simulation. Participants work in smaller groups where each group has the task of managing the best possible way through the team that is going through the process of change. Participants during the simulation work on defining priorities during implementation of changes, redistribution of resources, management of different team members and recognition and overcoming of different types of resistance to changes.

Theories on which the simulation is based:

WallBreakers is based on a series of scientifically confirmed theories on personality types, management, organizational culture and change management, including the theories of authors such as John Kotter, Rick Maurer and Daniel Goleman.

Simulation application:

WallBreakers simulation provides exceptional results when applied in the following situations:

As part of the development programs for leaders
In preparation for key changes (for example: implementation of LEAN)
For managers, leaders and project managers already involved in the process of introducing change

Kao ishod jedne simulacije očekuje se:

Increase self-awareness of leaders about their leadership style
Getting insights into the consequences that different leadership and managerial decisions have
Defining priorities during implementation of changes, redistribution of resources and management of different team members
Creating a common reference framework for a team working on the implementation of change and facing possible resistance
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