Management Action Profile

Management Action Profile is a tool which is used to provide through a 360° assessment a comprehensive and detailed picture of managerial skills, work performance, as well as an accurate feedback on the daily work of managers, with the addition of recommended ways to improve the performance of the team that the managers lead. This tool can precisely define the development needs of managers in order to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of development actions, reduce costs and optimize the time invested in development. The factors measured by this tool are:

1. Leadership

The model defines leadership as the ability to set group objectives and to break them down into operational goals to be accomplished by each team member. Leadership also means the ability to elicit support for the team’s objectives and the commitment of each member to achieve his or her individual goals.

2. Personal Organizational Abilities 

The personal organizational abilities factor describes the manager’s effectiveness in coordinating and managing priorities within the team. It also assesses the manager’s ability to make the best possible use of team members’ abilities through empowerment and delegation.

3. Cooperation and Motivation

This factor describes the extent to which members of the team cooperate, the overall morale of the team and individual and group motivation. It also describes the manager’s ability to encourage team members to work with one another in a positive and motivating environment.

4. Information and Communication

This factor describes the manager’s thoroughness in providing team members with useful information and feedback on their performance. It also demonstrates the manager’s ability to listen as well as the manager’s availability.

5. Continuous Process Improvement

This factor describes the manager’s ability to establish performance standards and implement processes which ensure customer satisfaction and service quality. It also includes the willingness of all team members to actively participate in continuous process and service enhancement through innovation.

6. Development of Potentials and Abilities

This factor describes the manager’s ability to develop the capabilities of individual team members and to invest the time and energy required for the team to fulfill its potential.

7. Use of Power and Authority

This factor describes the way the managers exercise authority within the team. It encompasses arbitration and internal conflict management, as well as the manager’s ability to represent and serve as an effective advocate for the team within the company.

8. Inter Departmental Cooperation

This factor describes the manager’s ability to promote cooperation among different teams. In other words, it is the manager’s ability to implement ground rules and encourage appropriate behavior by team members which supports transversal cooperation.

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