Manager as Coach

“Manager as a Coach” is two-days in-house training develop based on Erickson College approach to coaching. This training is ideal for manager and leaders who would like to incorporate coaching as a managerial style in their portfolio of managerial skills. The main objective of the program is to help managers integrate coaching skills into their daily work. An additional objective of the training is to assist managers to replace the old paradigm of ‘managing by the position of power’ with “new paradigm” management and development of human potential by including team members through asking questions.

The training is designed to encourage the development of new leaders through:

Focus on a clear understanding of professional and common goals,
Support the processes of change,
• Support in decision-making processes and
Shift the focus from external to internal motivation

Through implementation of Solution Focused Coaching tools in daily job managers will support team members to:

• Develop internal motivation,
• Enhance loyalty to the team and
• Find the leaders within themselves.

Through the development of these skills managers adopt a high level:

• Understanding the ways in which solution focused coaching contributes to efficiency and performance development;
• Self-motivation;
• Understanding of the ways of building healthy interpersonal relationships;
• Understanding of visionary thinking;
• Understanding how to give effective feedback through asking questions instead of imposing the answers.

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