Occupational personality questionnaire – OPQ32

The SHL Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ) is the most widely used measure of behavioural style in the world. The OPQ is designed to provide businesses with information on the aspects of an individual’s behavioural style that will impact on their performance of competencies at work.

The OPQ32 is the most comprehensive version of the OPQ. It provides detailed information on 32 specific personality characteristics which underpin performance on key job competencies critical for graduates, managers and experienced hires.

The OPQ helps thousands of organisations to deliver the following results:

● Identify best-fit applicants against job competencies
● Improve interview hit rates
● Identify future leaders
● Re-deploy talent across the business
● Recommend senior managers for cross border engagements
● Evaluate the talent pool following a merger /acquisition/ restructure
● Create a project team
● Manage the transformation of a technical specialist to an effective people manager
● Improve new staff on-boarding

OPQ personality model

Unlike other personality questionnaires, the OPQ is an occupational model of personality, designed solely for use in a business environment. The OPQ model provides a clear, simple framework for understanding the role of personality in the workplace and the impact it has on job performance.  It provides detailed information on 32 personality characteristics which underpin performance on key job competencies critical for graduates, managers and experienced staff.


Predicting critical areas of job performance

Together, it is the combination of these 32 dimensions which influence performance against the key job competencies. The OPQ32 provides detailed competency reporting against the 20 key competencies from the Universal Competency Framework™ (UCF).

● Leading & Deciding
Deciding & Initiating Action, Leading & Supervising
● Supporting & Co-operating
Working with People, Adhering to Principles and Values
● Interacting & Presenting
Relating & Networking, Persuading & Influencing, Presenting & Communicating Information
● Analysing & Interpreting
Writing & Reporting, Applying Expertise & Technology, Analysing
● Creating & Conceptualising
Learning & Researching, Creating & Innovating, Formulating Strategies & Concepts
● Organising & Executing
Planning & Organising, Delivering Results and Meeting Customer Expectations, Following Instructions and Procedures
● Adapting & Coping
Adapting & Responding to Change, Coping with Pressure & Setbacks
● Enterprising & Performing
Achieving Personal Work Goals and Objectives, Entrepreneurial & Commercial Thinking

User-friendly, business relevant reporting

Importantly, the range of report options available from the OPQ32 ensures that results can be meaningfully interpreted and understood in business contexts.

Features of OPQ32 reports

● Designed for use in businesses, by business managers or trained HR professionals
● Targeted, user-friendly and professional format
● Clear, concise language with easy to understand graphical summaries
● In-depth, insightful information is provided for use across a wide range of contexts
● See the OPQ32 Report Selector for a comprehensive description of the reports available


“We simply have to get the best people to remain competitive and the use of psychometric assessment and ability tests is crucial in this aim. In particular, the OPQ enables us to learn things about candidates that we wouldn’t be able to identify from a CV or in an interview situation. It helps us make decisions that enable us to remain ahead.” Rick Woodward, Learning & Development Director. Kimberly-Clark 

“We approached SHL, because it is a worldwide company with the most credible and professional products on the market”. Eddie Cochrane, University of Edinburgh Management School 

“SHL was our clear first choice. As leaders in the market, we were confident that their personality questionnaire (OPQ®) would provide a fair assessment method for our managers. What we learned about them was far more than we had hoped – altogether a very rewarding experience.” Richard Collins, Assessment Specialist, Marks and Spencer plc, UK

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