PC Gameplan 1.14

PC Gameplan application allows participants of training ”The Persuasive Communicator” and ”The Persuasive Salesperson” to easily detect the communication style of person they talking to.  After completing the training, participants will have the possibility to download PC Gameplan aplication for Android and iOS smart devices from Google Play Store or Apple Store .

Detect a communication style of the person you are talking to

By using this application, participants of training ”The Persuasive Communicator” and ”The Persuasive Salesperson” can be more effective and achieve their communication goals faster. After answering 16 questions, an algorithm calculates a position on a communication style matrix and produces 5 important points the user needs to emphasize with the person being profiled in order to establish a trusting relationship while achieving the desired results. 

PC Gameplan 1


PC Gameplan application has its own integrated calendar, with the possibility to enter meetings, reminders and even communication styles of the person user is talking to. All options participants can use for more efficient communication with persons with different communication styles.

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You can download the latest Android and iOS version of PC Gameplan  from Google Play and iTunes store.

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