PCM® Training for Coaches

PCM® Training for coaches is a coaching program accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). Coaches who are accredited for application of PCM® in their practice have numerous tools that assist them in conducting the coaching process with their clients efficiently, and also in the coaching preparation process itself. Thanks to the PCM®, coaches can mentally prepare for the session in a more efficient way, and even receive significant information about depth of the personality structure with person they enter the coaching project. In addition, coaches can adapt to client in more sophisticate way, achieve better communication and increase client motivation for goals realization.

Training program last for 9 days and consist of the following parts:

● Module I – Basic 3 day training with PCM Trainer
● Module II – Advanced 3 day training with PCM Trainer
● Certification – Three day certification led by PCM Master Trainer accredited by Kahler Communication Europe