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About Persona Global
Persona Global is world’s leading training center, which deals with creating and presenting professional programs in leadership, management, communications, organizational development and sales since 1980. More than 50% of the companies listed on the “Fortune 1000” uses Persona’s programs.

Training and consulting programs of Persona Global has successfully been applied to the world’s leading corporations such as BMW, Mitsubishi, Disney, Coca-Cola, Hitachi, British Airways, Japan Airlines, American Express, IBM, Sony Music Entertainment, Sanofi-Aventis , Canon, Mercedes, Deloitte & Touche, Volksbank, Avon …

About the author

Jon Gornstein, founder and president of Persona Global, is a pioneer in the field of training of leaders in the field of organizational development and effective communication. During his 25 year-old career, Gornstein worked in over 40 countries and provided consulting services to large multinational corporations faced with the pressure of competition, worked on changes of sales and organizational strategies.

Persona Global methodology

Persona’s process-oriented methodology and tools are tailored to the needs of employees in a realistic business environment and with its application companies get measurable results.

Although many small and medium enterprises are users of Persona’s program, Persona’s methodology is particularly suitable for large multinational corporations. All Persona’s programs are locally and culturally adapted and are now delivered in 40 languages by more than 1,000 certified trainers worldwide.

Persona Global Standards

International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI) is an organization dedicated to increase of productivity, competence development and performance through systematic approach. Persona Global, who’s partner Atria Group is, is a member of this organization. This means that Persona’s methodology, training and assessment tools are based on a highly developed technology for improving human performance, which allows Persona to meet the individual needs of their clients. The same technology is also available to Atria Group, as Persona’s representative for Serbia.

Atria offers the following Persona’s programs:

● The Persuasive Communicator
● The Persuasive Salesperson
● Professional Presentation Live 
● Cooperation and Beyond
● Innovative Decision Making
● Building a Winning Team
● Selling to Key Accounts
● Manager as Mentor

Atria offers the following Persona’s tools: