The Persuasive Communicator

The Persuasive Communicator (PC) is a two-day workshop presenting lifelong skills which enable delegates to communicate effectively, become more influential and ultimately become successful persuasive communicators! This workshop provides delegates with an intuitive, practical system for dealing with all kinds of people, especially those “difficult or uncooperative people” whom they have not been able to influence yet.

About training

Based on Persona Global’s Social Styles and Trust Building methodologies, the Persuasive Communicator workshop enables delegates to build sustained, long term win/win business as well as personal relationships.


Skills gained during the Persuasive Communicator workshop are easy to learn and immediately applicable to real-life interpersonal communication challenges. Delegates receive anonymous feedback on how business associates perceive their natural communication style, ability to project empathy, and level of interpersonal flexibility. This “how others see me” feedback enables each delegate to focus on and enhance those communication and trust building skills needed to influence and impact the person they are speaking with.

Prior to the workshop, delegates will choose a real-life work-related individual whom they will use as their “case study” during the workshop. This “case study” individual is usually someone the delegate has previously been unable to communicate effectively, but really wants or has a need to influence in the future. By the end of the workshop, with the aid of an analysis provided by Persona Global’s Gameplanning expert system profiling software, each delegate has practiced the appropriate skills, developed an action plan, and tested this new approach to positively influencing their case study person.


More than a classroom experience, the Persuasive Communicator methodology leverages technology as a virtual re-enforcement tutor when needed. Delegates can acquire access to the same Persona Global Gameplanning software after they are back at work. This enables delegates to “Prep” themselves just before an important interaction with anyone they need to persuade, influence or motivate.

More than 1.4 million participants in 71 countries

The Persuasive Communicator has been proven over the past 30 years to be one of the world’s most effective interpersonal communication skills training programs. More than 1.4 million people in 71 countries have attended this communication skill building workshop in their own language.

The Persuasive Communicator clarifies the skills of how to use your behavior to build trust, positively influence others, and achieve win/win results in the shortest possible timeframe .

Benefits for the Participant:

– Actionable – Emphasis is on acquiring immediately usable skills rather than learning theory.
– Easily understandable – A simple practical methodology based on existing personal and work experience.
– Long-term benefit – The Gameplanning Software can be applied repeatedly to future communication challenges.
– Multi-purpose – Skills are effective in both business and personal settings.
– Tailored programming – The Gameplanning Software can be integrated to incorporate the benefits of a company’s specific products and services.
– Thorough documentation – Reports and guides give complete feedback and information.
– Universal truths – Principles and skills learned are applicable in all cultures.
– Work related – Participants address real-life challenges by developing an actionable plan to communicate more effectively with a specific individual at work.

Android and iOS Application

As a special benefit of this training, participants have  possibility of downloading mobile application the PC Gameplan for iOS and Android smart devices.

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