Professional Presentation Live (PPL) – How it was created

Program Professional Presentation Live (PPL) was created by the cooperation of János Serényi and Barnabás Takacs. Last 20 years Dr. János Serényi working on improving development programs and corporate training, and he is the founder of PPL program, while Dr. Barnabás Takacs has a significant career in the field of computer science and was CEO of many high profile start up IT company, and he is the founder of the technical PPL. Since they are both very experienced in their field, they have managed to combine training and modern technology into one, the Professional Presentation Live.


Professional Presentation Live is a combination of thousands presentations and virtual reality, which allows participant, with help of a virtual audience, to bring their presentation skills to the top level. In the” virtual” room participant demonstrate their presentation skills in front of a virtual committee that are projects on the wall, and while praticipant present, it is going to happen a number of stressful situations, which are collected on the basis of completion of the presentation.


During  presentation,  will be measured  level of stress of participans with biofeedback system and in way to determine his emotional state during the presentation, especially in key moments as they happen stressful situations. The whole presentation is recorded, so that the participant has the ability to after completing training at his presentation as well as respond to stressful situations.

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