Training Professional Presentation Live – October 23rd – Belgrade

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Training Professional Presentation Live (PPL) will be held  October 23rd in Atria Group premises (Kisela Voda 20, Belgrade). This program is meant to develop and specialize world-class presentation skills at the unique way  with the help of contemporary technologies. Program Professional Presentation Live (PPL) is a new trend in the world  and it is developed based upon experience of thousands of performed and completed presentations by world class experts, all together put in a virtual reality.


Based on examples taken exclusively from real life,  which are used while making scenario for PPL, attendant is able to work on advancing its own presentation skills in a vivid and realistic manner, without any real risk. Additional advantage of this program is that biofeedback system follows level of stress during presentation, which makes basis for educating the participant on how to stop and manage stress situations that are common in different stages of presentation.

PPL new

First part of training  is conceptualized in such a way that it consist of plenty practical exercises and demonstrations, so that participants have an opportunity to  try out all of the presented models, while at training.

During second part of training participant will with the individual consultant work on enhancement of his or hers presentation skills through simulator of virtual reality, where participants material will be presented and answers will be given to the questions of virtual audience and in that way find out their own weaknesses in certain areas as well as level of stress and insecurities. Individual consultant will be working with the participant on how to reduce  stress level and insecurities and enhancements of areas in which development is needed.

At the end of the training, trainer evaluates participants development, and the participant gets DVD copy of its own recorded material and evaluation as well as suggestions for follow-up activities.

For more information about this program, ways to apply and price, contact us via telephone number 011/4123-410, 060/029-0013 or via e-mail