Presentation Skills – 6 Beginner Mistakes

Top presentation skills are not something you are born with, presentation skills are improving by exercise as anything else. Person that are not professional public speakers and people which didn’t try to improve their presentation skills, often make mistakes when they present, and they are not even aware of it. These are 6 most common mistakes made by beginners while they present.

1. Presentation skills– gestures, movements and facial expressions

You use gestures and gesticulations in small scale. Most presenters beginners are afraid to take up too much space. Movement in space and a lot of hand gestures gives a great dynamic to presentation. However, too much gesturing can distract your audience and you could become annoying. The audience wants human being to present them, not robot. Therefore, it’s important to show  emotions on your faces, to laugh and to keep your facial expressions with what you talking about.

2. Presentation skills – Speak

You are speaking with low energy. This problem doesn’t happens only for beginners. A large number of public speakers are not trying enough to put more energy in their presentation. This way they going to look boring and without enthusiasm. You need to put more energy when you present, because that way you will gain trust of the audience and their attention. Also, do not talk too fast, slow down! Use a break. Your main weapon is speech.

3. Presentation skills – Preparation and practice

You had not prepare and practiceenough. Beginners don’t know how to prepare for presentation, while experienced public speakers will do research in field of presentation and will gain the confidence and belief that they will manage to answer any questions that the public ask in field of presentation. Practicing your presentation is one of the key factors for a successful presentation. Experienced presenters will present their presentations labor harmoniously with friends, relatives or colleagues. This way you will remember your presentation and gain self-confidence which is very important for presenting.

4. Presentation skills – Originality

Taking risk. A lot of presenters beginners play it safe during the preparation and  presentation, and they don’t want to take risk and to include something original in presentation. If you don’t put something interesting in presentation,  you will not attract the attention of the audience. Try something unexpected and thus try to attract attention of  the audience.

5. Presentation skills – Time

Presenting too much information. A large number of beginners feel obligated to present all the material that they prepared for presentation, even if it means that they going to exceed too much time. Therefore, it is necessary to practice presentation and determine the time required for presentation and eventually throw out some of the material from the presentation to not exceed the time.

6. Presentation skills –  Eye contact

You’re focused on one part of the audience. Achieve steady eye contact with people in the audience. However, you should not only look at one part of the audience, rather distributed attention to all parts of the room. It is known that” three-second rule” under which the speaker on one person in the audience in direct contact with the eyes should be kept for three seconds and then must pass a view over the rest of the audience before the sea again to stop someone. Watching in only one part of the audience at all times be in other people wake up feeling of neglect, and too often jumping from one to other person can be seen as volatility.

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