Resilience: Overcoming stress & fatigue

This is one day training programme based on Persona Global’s methodology with objective to help participants recognize situations in which they don’t handle stress in adequate way, and then help them adopt practical technques for improving this skill.

Very often, circumstances which put us into stress are out of our control. How we react in this situations, however, is totally under our control! In case we have strategy for comming out of stress, we have the oportunity to build higher level of resistence and even see some positive aspects of stressfull situations.

This training uses as a base set of skills which will enable us to become more stress-resistant. Model is called “ Seven skills for managining stress”. By enhancing this skills, we become able to overcome crisis in short period of time and become more flexible in facing challenges. These seven skills are:

  • Purpusefulness  –  Clarity about what we have to achieve regardin life and business objectives
  • Self-reliantness – Having self confidence and faith in our own capacities for acheiving success, despite chalenge
  • Versatileness – Being flexible in a meter of effective adaptation on change
  • Tough-mindness – Not giving up searching for solutions even under the hardest circumstance
  • Connection – Having network of people for support and sharing ideas, concerns and emotions with
  • Hopefulness – Trust in the positive outcome of future actions
  • Self discipline – Ability to remain calm under pressure and manage emotions in adequate way

Resilience model


Training has two phases:

1.      Preparation for training

Before the training, participants complete the assessment called „Resilience Profile“, in order to get the insight into the level of resilience they already possess, and into the areas in which they should work on it’s enhancing. Assessment is based on 49 questions, relating to 7 basic skills of stress management. Feedback report is followed by data, and each skill is presented grafically and described with the recomendations for further development.

 2.      Training

Second phase is a training created in a way to work directly on the aspect given in the results of assessment. In interactive environment participants are working on a set of seven skills – they learn and apply tools and techniques which are helping them to build higher level of resilience. Training can be organized in a way to fit whole developing program of organization.

Subjects on this training are:

  • Understanding causes and background of stress
  • Seven crucial skills in stress management – insight into characteristics and ways of enhancing
  • Pressure identification
  • ABC Model for stress prevention
  • Enhancing physical and mental resilience
  • Adopting and applying practical tools for managing stress
  • Interpretation and evaluation of beliefs which lead to stress
  • Relaxing techniques

Who should attend this training?

Training is specially useful for employees on management positions, and for those who are seen as role models and influence makers in organizations. It is also suitable for employees working in stressful environments, where lot of changes are happening, or are in some way insecure. It is also very useful for gaining skills of positive thinking and acting and could be applied successfully in challenging situations with difficult clients.