Resonant Leadership

Leadership competencies cannot be built by reading a book or simply by thinking about it,
leadership develops only trough experience.

Great leaders move us to greatness and inspire us to be at our best and move beyond it. Although they talk of strategy, they establish an emotional connection with others called resonance. They are in tune with others around them. Their own emotional intelligence allows them to create and nurture these relationships, whether as directors, managers, doctors, nurses, teachers or parents.

Resonat lidersip

Resonant Leadership program is developed based on combination of solution focused thinking and researches into emotional and social intelligence made by professors Richard Boyatzis and Daniel Goleman. This program will lead the participants through examples of how to inspire oneself and others through building more effective relationships and having conversations that inspire us, and motivate us to be sustainable in our performance and adapt to changing circumstances.

This course will provide a process for developing sustainable improvement in resonant leadership and the understanding who sollution focused coaching can support leadership development in side your organization. This program covers following topics:

  • Connection between resonant leadership, leadership styles and business factors (retention, customer satisfaction, profitability and productivity)
  • Understanding leadership competencies: Deficient, OK and Outstanding boss
  • Key competences of outstanding leaders.
  • Resonant leadership impact on organizational and team performance
  • Self-assessment of resonant leadership & interpretation of the scores
  • How can we develop ourselves as resonant leaders
  • Application of resonant leadership at work and in life
  • Resonant leadership – Types of Leaders
  • What is Resonance, how to establish it, science insights
  • Leadership repertoire: 6 Leadership styles
  • My leadership vision: Leader I would like to become
  • Tips on development of resonant leadership competencies, role of solution focused thinking in this process
  • Planning of development of resonant leadership competencies.

This program was created in cooperation with the company Innside.

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