Sales Competency Assessment

Sales Competency Assessment™ (SCA) is an unique survey and coaching tool specifically designed for professional development of sales professionals across various industries. SCA focuses on the processes, techniques, and behaviors critical to successful sales performance, and provides a powerful, practical, comprehensive, and easy-to-administer survey instrument that evaluates a salesperson’s core competencies at every phase of the sales cycle.sales competency

Based on extensive research by top industry experts using a statistical approach, SCA quantitatively measures the skills and competencies of sales professionals in 13 key areas critical to their job performance, and enables managers to focus on crucial factors that affect sales results so as to improve or optimize the existing skills and competencies of their sales team. The multi-rater approach ensures the accuracy and objectivity of the survey results. SCA enables sales managers to pinpoint each salesperson’s strengths and weaknesses, and therefore provide personalized coaching and mentoring based on his/her specifi c needs. By allowing managers and salespeople to share their perceptions about key sales factors, SCA provides a system that fosters mutual understanding and support within a sales organization that is crucial to building a strong sales team.

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