The Art and Science and Coaching

Training “The Art and Science and Coaching” is awesome! Energy and ethusiasm of the trainer made a great combination with quality examples and clear content. I’ve got tools and structure that I needed to start doing coaching.
Marija Vojnović Nešić (Delta Holding)

“The Art and Science and Coaching” is such an inspiring training. Very well structured with clear picture of coaching and coaching session. My goal is achieved and I’m completely satisfied. I will use this knowledge to work as a coach, but also to coach myself.
Nataša Rakić

Training “The Art and Science and Coaching” fulfilled all my expectations in the terms of content and the way of work. Result I was looking for was achieved with a lot of laugh and in comfortable atmosphere. I’ve worked a lot and learnt a lot.
Slađana Trikić (Komercijalna banka)

Trainer “The Art and Science and Coaching” gave me a push to keep doing coaching and to continue my development.
Sanja Đorđević (Wurth)

Training “The Art and Science and Coaching” is well structured and great lead by the trainer. It fulfilled my expectations. Trainer was very inspiring, dedicated and competent.
Sandra Barjaktarević

I’ve found value at the training “The Art and Science and Coaching”. Trainer gave us a big inspiration and motivation. The biggest use of this training was the knowledge we’ve got about asking open questions.
Ivona Miličković

Trainer at the training “The Art and Science and Coaching” was great. She had a lot of positive energy and enthusiasm. Very good balance between theory and practice. This training overcame my experience in terms of learning so many techniques and I’ve noticed the progress while practicing them.
Vesna Stefanović

At the training “The Art and Science and Coaching” I’ve achieved three of these goals: I got a new approach to the clients, new tools and perspectives for achieving my personal goals. I’ve learnt a lot of useful techniques. Training was really interactive which was the most useful fore me.
Sandra Savanović Stevanović

Training “The Art and Science of Coaching” is a very interesting and useful training with great motivating trainer. I’ve learnt a lot of useful techniques. Training was really interactive , which was the most useful for me. I achieved my outcome I’m getting new approach to the clients, new tools, as well as new perspectives for achieving my personal goals.
Sandrina Špeh Vujadinović

“The Art and Science of Coaching” was very useful for me since it focuses on business coaching. It helped me integrate my skills and knowledge.
Vladimir Milojević – Marketing manager (Grading)

Training “The Art and Science of Coaching” helped me deepen my understanding of coaching and develop my coaching skills. It definitely motivated me to continue my development as a coach.
Maja Marjanović (Erste bank)

My expectations regarding “The Art and Science of Coaching” were definitely fulfilled. I found out what my core values were, and learned to help others to do the same.
Bojana Vesić Antić – HR Senior Officer (Piraeus bank)

Trainer (Silvia) has a great and positive energy and knowledge which led us an toward accomplishment of our goals for this training. Training was fun and training had great working (learning) environment.
Gordana Panajotović

The Persuasive Communicator

The Persuasive Communicator is very interesting training, useful in communication with colleagues as well as with people outside the office. What I really liked was the fact we found out what our communication style is and what people think about us. It shows us what we need to work on.
Bojana Jotić (Grading)

The Persuasive Communicator is one of the best and most interesting training I’ve been to. It offers a various concrete and useful information, result of self-assessment, assessment of coworkers and concrete plan for improving communication with people.
Iva Radovanović (Grading)

Time spent on “The Persuasive Communicator” training is very well invested. Theory from the first day was an excellent base for the second day practice. The training itself is very well-structured. The practical tools I was familiarized with helped me create my own action plan for improvement of my communicational skills. Every moment of the training was pleasant since the atmosphere was great.
Lidija Djurić – Senior Training Specialist (Coca-Cola Hellenic )

All the models, tools, and principles which were introduced on “The Persuasive Communicator” training were very practical and useful. I managed to recognize the communicational styles of my cooperates, which helped me realize how to make our communication more effective. I have recognized my own strengths and areas for development.
Džemal Durić – Trening coordinator (OSCE)

“The Persuasive Communicator” is very dynamic and interactive. The trainer was very well-prepared. The value of the training is in the fact that it explains how to communicate with different types of people, how to evaluate their communicational needs, and to find out what is motivation for each of them.
Romana Dimnik – HR expert (Vip mobile)

Manager as Coach

“Manager as Coach” is a great training with quite a lot of exercises with some theory. I would like to point out a large applicability of the acquired knowledge in practice and the calmness and discipline of the coach. The best part were exercises and coaching part.
Snežana Vukašinović (Erste bank)

The general impression of the training “Manager as Coach” is extremely positive and the topic is extremely important and I know it will affect my work in future. The training was especially good to highlight important issues that need special attention and plenty of exercise.
Zorana Aleksić (Erste bank)

Training “Manager as Coach” will have a positive impact on my further engagement as a team leader. It is very useful. The trainer is an expert in the area of coaching, capable of transferring knowledge.
Branka Pudrlja – Residential Sales Development and Operations Manager (Vip mobile)

Simply – great! All I heard on the training “Manager as Coach” made me wish to become a professional coach.
Olivera Zdravković – HR Operations Manager (Vip mobile)

Training “Manager as Coach” introduces a completely new approach in management. This approach includes more listening, asking the right questions, and identifying the needs of the team members.
Aleksandar Jokić (Vip mobile)

Training ”Manager as Coach” has great tools, practical examples which I can apply & practice. Drawing the ideas in a form of pictures is a great tool.
Andrey Khomenko (OSCE Macedoina)

Very useful & very enjoyable training. I liked very much the attitude of both the trainer and his assistant. I liked very much the attitude of both the trainer and his assistent. Straight to the point, not too much. I liked the musical background.
Eli Krpach (OSCE Macedoina)