Time Management

Time managment is a two-day training created by Atria Group which gives participants the opportunity to learn the basic holistic approach to time management, gain knowledge about the different roles around which people organize their plans, and how to respect the needs and the perception of liability in an integrated context. During the training, through individual work participants learn how to identify their own challenges and priorities and how to face them effectively. They gain insight into the importance of delegation in time management and acquire the basic skills and knowledge for effective use of working hours.

Topics covered in the training include:

  • How to achieve results, and not get overloaded with work?
  • Application of skills that enable you to optimize your time so that your efforts result in success;
  • Analysis – how do you really spend your time at work?
  • Time planning in the short term;
  • Work task prioritization;
  • Planning efficient use of time.

For any further information please contact us by phone at 060/029 00 28, or via e-mail office@atria.rs.