Training for internal coaches

In order to support achievement of business results we offer to our corporate clients unique program for development of internal coaches. Recognizing the benefits, and bolstered by the findings of numerous studies on the favorable impact of workplace coaching programs, many organizations are creating their own internal coaching networks as a cost effective method of providing coaching for leadership development and performance enhancement. Coaching is now considered the best tool to develop leadership competences and bring out people’s full potential.

Why to have internal coaching?

By creating an internal coaching capability, mid-level, high potentials and key entry level positions have possibility to accelerate their development by being exposed to coaching. An internal coach uses their skills and organizational knowledge to support and challenge staff through promotion, navigate change, to integrate into the organization and increase performance. This is the optimal way to make the most of the staff you have, providing them with the meaning in the work they do as well as the challenge they need to keep them motivated. It has direct impact on the results of employee.

In this workshop, participants can learn the latest and best practices for building, developing coaching initiatives that deliver long-term, maximum results for both individual and organization. This program is a dynamic mix of a strong focus on the International Coach Federation’s Core Coaching Competencies set in a firm grounding of practical business application. Your Internal Coaches will be great coaches who can put the technical understanding of coaching to work in the corporate environment to better serve your leaders, employees and senior leadership.

This training is an opportunity to:

● Learn how to conduct a coaching session from the beginning to the end.
● Learn and practice powerful coaching skills that can be immediately applied in the workplace
● Explore specific applications of coaching that can release and develop latent skills in the team
● Learn to improve relationships and communication within teams
● Learn a non-directive style of coaching which focuses on relating to the coachee as being their own expert in the world.

Benefits for participants:

● Increased organizational capacity through developmental delegation.
● Increased potential for performance improvement by the coachee.
● Practical skills/experience to expand coaching to other direct reports.
● The ability to demonstrate tangible talent development results to support performance management goals.

Benefits for the company:

● Significant progress in developing the coaching skills internal coaches.
● Development of meaningful measures of talent development to guide compensation and incentive decisions.
● The building of a foundation of trust to improve corporate performance and shared experience.
● Implications for succession management for all levels of management i.