Training PCM® Coach – Skill That Makes Difference – Belgrade, Prague, Lisbon

The PCM® Coach training organized by the Atria Group Company, will be held in Serbia, Czech Republic and Portugal, intended for professional coaches and managers that are eager to improve their coaching skills and raise coaching quality to a whole new level. The training will be held in the premises of the Atria Group Company in Belgrade, Prague and Lisbon.

Coaching is an ideal setting in which application of PCM gives extraordinary results. What’s very important is that the coaches certified for PCM application in their sessions, have a chance of delivering entry assessment to clients, based on which each client gets individual report on deep structure of his own personality, which helps them to better understand the ongoing processes during coaching.


Big difference that PCM makes is the difference between each individual. It enables you to perceive each client in a special way, to recognize deep structure of his personality and adjust your coaching approach to that structure. By using PCM methodology you will easily create individual strategy of change for each client individually.

Being familiar with this model and applying it will make you stick out of the crowd, you will make a difference, raise your competence on the highest level and increase the efficiency of coaching. You will also be able to perceive deep structure of your own personality and master techniques for successful adjustment to clients. You will do a right thing in a right way.



In 1978, NASA started using PCM in recruitment and training for astronauts.


This model is nowadays used by many famous coaches and psychologists, as well as CEOs of companies from the Fortune 500 list.


More than one million people have completed the PCM assessment by now, and discovered which model of personality they are, according to PCM model.


PCM has been a subject of many studies conducted in more than 37 Universities worldwide.


Through applying PCM in coaching process both coach and a client get an additional tool for proper goals setting which the client is aiming at, as well as for work on defining client’s strengths and chances for development. Applying PCM methodology in coaching will also give an additional quality to process of creating individual steps on the way to accomplishing goals, which was set at the beginning of the coaching process. Due to PCM methodology a coach is able to quickly discover particularly significant topics for each client, as well as communication style and leading through the coaching process, which will be the most suitable for reaching his full potential.

Some of the benefits are:
Better connection between the coach and a client
Faster and more efficient reaching of important topics for client
Anticipating changes in client’s behavior
Discovering the most effective communication channels: particular words, tone, gestures and facial expressions that will, all combined, lead you to productive interaction during session
Determining person’s basic psychological needs and motivation to persist in achieving personal goals
Understanding the ways in which a client can show resistance towards change and methods to overcome resistance


Training-programDuring this training participants will be introduced to the PCM model and possibilities of using it in coaching. During the first model every participant will receive a report related to deep structure of his personality in order to fully understand the benefits of knowing and using this model from the first hand. Second module will serve for introduction to the PCM coaching process, reactions of different personality types and interventions made by the coach. After these two models are completed, the participants will go through the process of certification, conducted by PCM® Master Trainer, authorized by Kahler Communication Europe.

Some of the topics on the training:


PCM as a model that provides reliable and valid methods for recognizing and understanding personality structure


Basic characteristics of 6 types of personality according to PCM


How to recognize dysfunctional patterns in clients’ behavior in time


How to create adequate atmosphere for working with different clients


Stressful reactions of different personality types and possible ways of intervention in that moment


How to make different clients devoted to achieving personal goals




Education for PCM coach is a coaching program accredited by International Coaching Federation (ICF).  International Coach Federation is world’s largest resource of professional coaches, as well as source for everyone looking for a coach. It is a non-profit organization formed by certain members, professionals in coaching, including Executive coaches, Leadership coaches, Life coaches and many others from all over the world.


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