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About us

Atria Group is an international consulting company with the mission to provide its clients the best tools for leadership development, as well as for personal and professional growth. Core business of our company consists of professional trainings and coaching programs supported by expertise in leadership, effective communication, presentational skills and business coaching.

By integrating our comprehensive knowledge and different assessment tools we support our clients by measuring developing activities and their impact on the business.

Through long-term partnerships with Erickson College (Canada), Kahler Communication (France) and Persona Global (USA) which represent leading international companies in the field of employee development and assessment, we bring supreme programs to local markets. Combining all methodologies of our portfolio we provide the best solutions for our clients in the right place at the right time.

Mission and vision

We are internationally recognized consulting company that achieves sustainable success by providing premium services to our clients. Through partnerships with international leading companies for development and assessment of employees we provide top programs and professional consultants.

We integrate our comprehensive knowledge and cutting-edge development and assessment technology into programs that we adjust to specific needs of our various clients.

In-house Programs

In-house programs are organised exclusively for corporate clients and they are conducted by our certified trainers.

Open Programs

Open programs, dedicated primarily to individuals, are directed to personal development.


Coaching is a working process with individuals, teams and groups.

Assessment tools

Assessment tools from our portfolio are, above all, dedicated to companies.

Online tools

Online tools give clients the opportunity to prepare better for the training, as well as to continue improving after completing it, using telephone or computer.


We achieve best results in working with clients when we align services we provide as consultants with their internal HR activities.

Our Development


– On 15th of September agency NLP Centar was founded

– On 15th of November first NLP Practitioner training was conducted


– Atria Group concluded partnership with Erickson Coaching International

– Finesa published the book “Inner Dynamics of Coaching”

– In cooperation with company DEKRA fist The Art and Science of Coaching (TASC) training was conducted

– Marilyn Atkinson conducted first and second module of The Art and Science of Coaching (TASC) training in Belgrade

– First summer NLP intensive training was conducted in Belgrade


– Atria Group concluded partnership with Persona Global

– Persona Global certification for the first group of consultants

– First In-house training “Persuasive communicator” was conducted (S Leasing)


– Meeting of European Erickson Coaching International trainers was held in Belgrade, as well as the training “How NASA builds teams?”

– In June corporate brand Atria Group was officially launched

– Portfolio expended with certificates for Leadership Equity Assessment (LEA), Management Action Profile (MAP) i Sales Competency Assessment (SCA)

– First leadership development project (VIP mobile)


– Atria Group became the representative of Professional Presentation Live training

– Peđa Jovanović conducted first training abroad (Warsaw)

– Peđa Jovanović completed the training for PCM Coach (Luxemburg i Budapest)


– Peđa Jovanović became PCM Trainer

– Atria Group concluded partnership with Kahler Communication

– Portfolio expanded with certificates for Cooperation and Beyond and Innovative Decision Making trainings

– First project on Macedonian market


– Portfolio expanded with certificates for Emotional Capability, Resilience i Storytelling for Leaders training

– Intensive promotion of PCM brand

– Atria Group as distributor concluded partnership with company SHL


– First regional coaching conference organised by Atria Group

– Atria Group set representative office in Czech Republic

– Entrance in Portuguese and Swiss market through franchise

– Dušan Basalo got second award for Best Young Manager in Serbia

– Atria Group declared as national champion by European Business Awards


– Second regional coaching conference organised by Atria Group

– MenProSam mentorship program within Serbian association of managers started with Atria Group support

– First training from neuroscience field was conducted


– Third regional coaching conference organised by Atria Group

– Atria Group got the award for Best Employer in the Category of Micro, Small Enterprises and Entrepreneurs in Serbia by Serbian association of managers

– Portfolio expanded with certificate for Wallbreakers simulation


–  Fourth regional coaching conference organised by Atria Group

–  NLP Centar celebrated 10-year anniversary

– Marilyn Atkinson conducted High Performance Team Coaching (HPTC) training for more than 50 participants

– Portfolio expanded with certificate for ValueView and digital business simulation OSOSIM


– Fifth regional coaching conference was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic

– Atria Group’s business is moving to online platforms, and a live stream is being introduced as an option to follow our educational programs


– Atria Group celebrated 10 years of existence

– Atria Group became the exclusive partner for Serbia and the region with Saville Assessment – Willis Tower Watson (UK)

– NLP Center introduced a new virtual program in its portfolio – Micro NLP

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