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Assertive Communication

The training is dedicated to the ones who want to improve themselves in the field of personal development, but firstly to improve communication skills.

During the training, participants get:

  • Understanding the perceptual positions
  • Basic characteristics of assertive behaviour and communication
  • Basic characteristics of other behaviour styles
  • “Drama” triangle

Training specifics:

Training consists of constant interactivity and work on personal examples of the participants. It is desirable that each participant pick the example of exquisitely tense communication with close people. The type of training is workshop and it is conducted without any technical tools (projector, computer, Power point presentation, etc)

Expected outcome:

  • Improvement of self-esteem
  • Reduction or elimination of habit of taking over the responsibility for situations that are outside our control
  • Improvement of ability to establish “healthy” limits in communication
  • Improvement of constructive rejection of others
  • Improvement of the skill of giving the feedback

Training is based on Transaction analysis.

Do you want to improve communication in your company?

Our trainings will help your employees to improve their communication skills, set communication priorities and build confidence in business environment.