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Assessment and Development Centre

SHL Certification Training

This training is dedicated to HR professionals, managers and experts who want to introduce or improve current centres for assessment and development.

Training benefits:

After the training participants will know how to create centre for assessment and development aligned with needs of the organisation and its separate departments. They will gain the skill of adapting the centre for assessment and development to specific organisational goals. Directions for planning proper development activities and ability to independently assess the candidate by clearly defined evaluation criteria are also some of this training benefits. Upon completing the training participants will know how to clearly define development needs based on conducted assessment.

Training specifics:

After completing the training participants get the access to large number of scientifically and practically validated exercises which can be used in their daily work. Participants who successfully complete this training get internationally acknowledged certificate.


Expected outcome:

  • More objective assessing process
  • Independence in use and interpretation of wide portfolio of validated exercises
  • Quality selection and recruiting process for different levels in the company
  • More objective identification of developing strengths and weaknesses
  • Setting objective criteria for reorganisation, restructuring, transition and career planning of an individual within the organisation

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