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Atria Be at home, learn online program is the result of long-term experience and work of consulting team that has had a chance to observe in practice all challenges and needs of professionals and organizations in their developing processes.

We have selected trainings and methodologies that, in different domains, have proven as the most effective and most valued by our clients.  We have made a structural transition from dominantly spatially and temporally determined forms to agile, online forms. In this way, we were able to maintain the primary quality criteria but also to offer clients a high level of flexibility when it comes to the modern way of learning.

Atria team proudly presents you online learning and development options.  

Personality and Ability Assessment (PAA)

Choosing the right candidate is a prerequisite for you to continue working on his or her development and make a productive and satisfied employee. It is obvious that a well-planned selection of candidates represents half of the work done.

Competency Based Interview

Having in mind that HR has strategical role in the business, one of the ways to contribute to the sustainable business success is the right choice of the best people that will lead and work in the company.

Transition to Management Position

Congratulations! You have just been promoted to a manager position or your development plan is to become a manager. This improvement is a result of your previous success and the fact that your potential has been recognized.

Hydro Laos Simulation

One of the key skills of every manager is the ability to understand the needs and to build quality relations with different participants in the business process.

Discover PCM

The path of self-discovery is a constant and exciting path that reveals many aspects of our personality, including our strengths, abilities, attributes as well as psychological needs. One path of self-discovery is the path of PCM.

NLP Booster

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a methodology that studies how people achieve exceptional results and success in any field and teaches other people those skills.

Manager as Coach

Talented employees have the need for excellent managers. A talented employee may choose to accept a job at a company because of a charismatic leader, good benefits or a quality training program, but how long that employee will stay and how productive he or she will be, depends a lot on his or her relationship with the person directly superior.

Storytelling trening

Behind everything we do there is a story. Clearly, each of us would like to have a good story. The training in front of you puts the power of storytelling into a function of sparking audience towards action.

Persuasive Communicator

The most important thing in any type of relationship is the communication. When dealing with a job that involves contact with different people, it happens that we make communication mistakes and we do not achieve the effect we wanted