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Building Coaching Culture

This project is dedicated to companies that want to integrate coaching as one of managerial and leadership style into their business.

Project specifics:

  • Project Building Coaching Culture is conducted by consultants with long-term experience in projects of organisational culture change, as well as by trainers and coaches, accredited by ICF (International Coach Federation).

Typical project phases:

  • Individual coaching with top and senior management of the company
  • Training for internal coaches
  • Trainings “Leader as Coach” and “Manager as Coach”
  • Mentoring and shadowing for internal coaches
  • Support for coaching culture through company procedure

Expected outcome:

After this project individual and team coaching will become part of managerial portfolio and by that organisational climate will become better, engagement of employees will increase and key people will remain on their positions.

Do you want the project aligned with the needs of your company?

By combining assessment tools, trainings, shadowing processes, mentoring and individual and team coaching, we form one meaningful content that is aligned with your internal HR activities and needs.