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Building Effective Teams

The training is dedicated to managers, directors and team leaders who want to work on gathering their team around one common idea, vision or goal, as well as on improving team spirit and work.

During the training, participants get:

  • Insight in different communication styles
  • Development of skills for more effective communication
  • Insight in different team dynamics
  • Insight in importance of team vision and values
  • Methods for improving team meetings
  • Methods for overcoming stressful and tense situations in a team
  • Understanding distribution of natural communication styles in one team
  • Suggestions for development of individual and team flexibility

Training specifics:

Training consists of intake assessment and possibility to use mobile application after finishing the training. Intake assessment is about:

  • Evaluation of own communication style
  • Evaluation of communication style of team member who represents problem in communication
  • Creating a case study for assessing communication style of a person who represents a problem in communication

Expected outcome:

  • Improving relations with colleges
  • Better understanding of current team phase
  • Improving ability to adjust and communicate with different interlocutors
  • More effective team meetings

Training is based on Persona Global methodology

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