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Building the Strong Organization

This type of project is dedicated to organisations that are beginning with the process of big changes, such as restructuring, acquisition, merging or significant increasement or reduction of employees.

Project specifics:

  • Through this project organisation gets the opportunity for deeper insight into current organisational structure and human potentials, through precise tools and methodologies. Also, modification of HR processes and those that have an impact on final business result, as well as implementation of changes according to results based on company specifics and some good practical examples are only some of the possible outcomes of this project.

Typical project phases:

  • Psychometric assessment and conduction of assessment centre
  • Deep analysis of current business processes and defining priorities for change
  • Identification of key organisation people and their developing path
  • Change of key processes that represent bottleneck of the organisation
  • Workshops with management about alignment of business strategy with organisational culture, defining working principles, behaviours and communication channels
  • Redefining HR processes such as hiring, induction of employees, internal knowledge transfer, development of employees, etc.

Expected outcome:

Formed and empowered team of key people (not positions) in the organisation and supported behaviours within the organisation that lead to business strategy realisation. Also, as an outcome companies can also expect defining more efficient processes and elimination of bottlenecks, as well as creating HR processes that are aligned with vision and strategy.

Do you want the project aligned with the needs of your company?

By combining assessment tools, trainings, shadowing processes, mentoring and individual and team coaching, we form one meaningful content that is aligned with your internal HR activities and needs.