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Competency Based Interview

Right competences. Right question. Right choice of candidate. Having in mind that HR has strategical role in the business, one of the ways to contribute to the sustainable business success is the right choice of the best people that will lead and work in the company.

It is well known that the decision to hire a particular candidate depends on 3 factors: knowledge, skills and competences. It is common opinion that the candidate should have a certain level of education and professional experience, as well as that he or she should possess a set of defined skills necessary to complete the tasks from the first working day. However, one factor is often overlooked in many companies. It’s the competencies.

What will you learn on online CBI training?

The certification online training “Competency Based Interview” provides you all the knowledge and skills you need in order to, through the interview, gather a well-founded evidences of the candidate’s behavior for each of defined competencies, which gives you the opportunity for accurate and objective selection of the best candidates for defined positions.

The goal of CBI training

The goal of the training is to train participants to conduct competency-based interviews in a structured, focused, comprehensive and right manner.

Learn how to ask right questions! Always find the right candidate!

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