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Competency Based Interview

Training is dedicated to HR professionals, managers and consultants who are working with managers in order to improve their skills.

During the training, participants get:

  • Insight in Universal Competency Model by SHL Talent Measurement
  • Strategies for conducting structured interview based on competences
  • Tools for interview preparation and questions to learn more about chosen competences
  • Opportunity to test all of the tools during the simulation of competency-based interview

Training specifics:

Besides short exercises, training also consists of simulation of competency-based interview. Also, this training gives an opportunity for internationally recognised certification by SHL Talent Measurement company – global leader in field of psychometric assessments. Tested and scientifically proven assessment tools, data for comparison, technologies and consultant services help organisations all over the world to assess, chose and develop right candidates for right roles.

Expected outcome:

  • Less typical mistakes during interviews
  • Possibility to establish competency model for different positions in company
  • Better objectivity of evaluation in selection process
  • Conducting competency-based interview in structured, focused and objective way

Training is based on Universal Competency Model which is tested and validated all over the world by top business psychologists. In human resources this approach is scientifically proven and integrated and clients can be assured in specific and meaningful outcome. Additional benefit of this model is possibility to integrate with wide spectre of tests and reports by SHL Talent Measurement company.

Do you want your employees to be top performers?

On our trainings they will improve key business skills and contribute to overall business result.