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Conflict Management

The training is dedicated to executors and experts as well as to lower and middle management.

During the training, participants get:

Key benefit of this training is set of useful strategies for constructive conflict management where participants get:

  • Insight in different types of conflicts and their phases
  • Understanding different ways of reacting in conflict situations
  • Directions for solving conflict situations
  • Positive aspects of conflict situations
  • Techniques of recognising behavioural patterns in stress
  • Recommendations for development and action plan for preventing and solving conflicts

Training specifics:

  • The training consists of constant interactivity and participants have a chance to work on personal and real examples during the practical part meanwhile applying gained knowledge during the theoretical part.

Expected outcome:

  • Recognising early signals of conflicts
  • Ability to identify potential relationship problems
  • Constructive conflict solving with persons with different perspective, experience and personality

Training is based on Atria Group methodology

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