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Cooperation & Beyond

The training is dedicated to professionals who want to end the negotiations with win-win result, inside and outside of the company, as well as with their strategic partners.

During the training, participants get:

  • Strategies for quality relations maintaining in everyday business
  • Strategies for building and maintaining trust in business relations
  • Methods for giving and accepting support

Training specifics:

Before the beginning, participants distribute online assessment to their co-workers whose support they need in conducting and realising decisions they make on everyday level. Every participant has a right to choose at least 3 and at most 5 persons that will fulfil Persona Global assessment.

Expected outcome:

  • Initiating and maintaining cooperation between two parts in business
  • Building and maintaining trust between team members
  • Improvement of team members cooperation
  • Improvement of different sectors cooperation

Training is based on Persona Global methodology.

Do you want to improve negotiation skills in your company?

Our trainings will help you to improve sales performances of your employees and get the best results in sales process.