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Discover PCM

Let’s find out who we are and who we can become! The path of self-discovery is a constant and exciting path that reveals many aspects of our personality, including our strengths, abilities, attributes as well as psychological needs. One path of self-discovery is the path of PCM.

What will you learn on online Discover PCM training?

Discover PCM training focuses on the deep structure of our personality and our inventory of skills, but it does not neglect the negative elements that exist in all of us. PCM assumes that our unproductive and undesirable behaviors are manifested when we fail to meet our psychological needs in a meaningful way. These are situations where we literally put a “mask” on our faces: we mask our real needs behind inappropriate reactions and sabotage our interaction with other people, both in our personal and professional lives.

What is the role of PCM?

PCM gives us valuable “know how” in order to spot and break negative behavioral patterns. It gives us insights into the meaning of our past failures and disappointments and it predicts with accuracy when these patterns might reappear. Finally, PCM also provides us with directions for patterns of prosperity, so-called instructions for using ourselves. In this way, PCM brings us back to the original, productive self that we all aspire to become.

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